Shelf Queens By Manufacturer

Shelf Queens By Manufacturer

Everyone will have their own interpretation of shelf queens or collectibles. For me the car must never have been run, I don’t mind removing it from the plinth to photograph or to act as a static display on a track, but that is it. I have over 1200 shelf queens, which I rotate on display as I do not have enough shelf space. Most of these are Carrera slot cars as they look stunning, are one of the most affordable makes to buy and have an amazing selection.

Below are the cars split into make and category, some cars should appear in two so I have selected the one I feel fits best. At the moment only the links in blue will work, the others are waiting for me to photograph and upload. Click HERE to see ALL Shelf Queens

Total Shelf Queens = 1200+

Avant Slot Carrera Fly Falcon Slot Cars Ninco
GT American Muscle (Pre 80′s) GT GT Classics
LMP DTM Racing Trucks    GT
Raid Group 2 / DRM      
Rally Group 5      
  GT and Super GT      
  Hot Rod      
Pioneer Slot Cars Racer Sideways Revell Scaleauto Scalextric
American Muscle (Pre 80′s) Daytona Prototype American Muscle (Pre 80′s) Group 5 American Muscle (Pre 80′s)
  Group 5 VW Uniroyal Fun Cup GT BTCC
  GT3    Rally / RAID Film & TV
NSR Slot.IT SCX SRC Team Slot
Classic Racers (Pre 70′s) Classic Racers (Pre 70′s) Nascar  Group 2  Road
GT DTM  Rally    
  Group C      
…. …. …. …. ….

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