Useful Links

Useful Links

Below you will find a list of useful links. These have been separated into categories for ease of use.


I will list retailers that I have used that I have had a good experience with. If they are not listed its either because I’ve not used them or will not use them again. I will not put negative feedback on this site but will happily answer any questions you may have about a retailer.

Pendle Slot Racing: Run by Sean and Tony they are biggest supplier of slot cars and related items with an amazing customer service and knowledge of the hobby. The guys not only sell the cars but race them and organise the largest slot car festival in Europe. I use them on a regular basis and have always had an excellent service. |Great prices, with 10% discount for SlotForum +plus members.

Top Slots n’ Trains: Darren runs a great shop in Blackpool as well as a very easy to use website. Very friendly and has a huge amount of knowledge to match the huge inventory he stocks.Sign up to the newsletters and receive a code to access special offers.

Reference Sites and forums and Groups:

NSCC: The National Scalextric Collectors Club was created in 1980 by 30 enthusiasts. The website is not very useful, however membership allows you to enter certain swap meets, race weekends, purchase special cars and receive a monthly journal.

Slot Forum International: This forum site is the one I use the most and have learnt a huge amount from the other members. Anything you need to know about slot cars you will be able to find here, or someone on the forum will know the answer. The forum is free to use with the option of a premium service allowing you to buy and sell cars and hobby trader services.

Personal Collection Sites:

SlotCarGeek.Com: Gordon (Keeto) has been collecting and racing cars for years and has an impressive collection of cars. He introduced me to Carrera and I will be forever grateful. He is also not shy to give his views to manufacturers so do pop along for a goo read. This site shows the collection that Zarko own’s. He has great taste in cars and its well worth popping along for a look.

Service providers

C&C Designs: Run by myself I do fantasy custom car re-liveries, Decals, Tyres, Digital chip upgrades and retro fitted lights

GrayMalkin: Richard is quite possibly the best of the best when it comes to 1/32 re-liveries. He can produce replicas of the most complex 1:1 cars. Even if you don’t want to buy a car you must have a look at his website to see what is possible.

RikoRocket: Colin supplied the cables you need to connect a computer to the power base along with other upgrades.


Carrera: The biggest name in slot cars in Germany and possibly the USA. Known for the quality of their cars as well as affordability. They produce three scales of car 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24 and produce a huge range of models from Hot Rods to DTM to F1. These are one of my favorite makes of car as you will see from my collections. 

Scalextric: Probably the most well known name for slot cars in the UK, these cars are designed to be used by home users and entry level club racers. There is a huge selection of cars including GT, Rally, F1, Classic American muscle and more.The ASSC has several classes to race these cars.

NSR: When it comes to out of the box performance NSR is the name to beat. A great selection of cars from classic, GT and LMP with amazing quality and customer service. The only downside is the slight scale issues on some of their models and their components not being interchangeable with the other big names such as Slot.IT

Slot.IT: If you are looking for a performance car then most racers would look at Slot.IT with a staggering range of Group C cars as well as GT and LMP. The parts are made to incredibly tight manufacturing quality which is why many other manufacturers choose to put their components into their cars rather than make their own. Makes such as Sideways base all their cars on Slot.IT running gear and motors as well as the now universal pods shape. Slot.IT also have one of the most popular club digital systems “Oxygen” offering wireless digital racing to over 20 cars at once.

Pioneer Slot Cars: One of my personal favorites, Pioneer produce quality American Muscle with a range of cars including Mustang’s, Camaro’s and Charger’s, All the cars have DPR sockets for Scalextric Digital chips. The cars themselves are excellent quality with performance to match up with Scalextric cars. The customer service is of the highest quality.

Racer Sideways: Highly regarded by both club racers and collectors. Initially releasing a range of Daytona Prototypes they have now produced a huge range on Group 5 cars and have expanded further into modern GT3. These cars look great and perform in the same class as Slot.IT and NSR. I have a huge collection of almost every car they have released.