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Welcome to the slot car section of my sites.

I played with my Fathers Scalextric when I was a young boy, he had a few open wheeled cars which unfortunately I can not find. As with most children I started playing with other toys and did not play with slot cars till I was about 18 when I tried the Arora AFX 1:64 scale cars and track. I went mad and purchased enough to go round the garden and my friends and I played with this for a couple of years. I then decided to go back to the 1:32 scale Scalextric as I wanted cars that handles differently and again brought a large amount of classic Scalextric to replace the Arora. This eventually got stored in the loft in the early 90′s and never touched again.

In 2008 I purchased a couple of Scalextric digital sets to distract me from the stresses of life and this is where my love for the hobby really started.

In 2009 I started a small club in Windsor, which is still running in 2016 and I do not see any reason for it to stop. I also started to collect shelf queens as I hated to see the beautiful cars being damaged in racing. I went further and started to repaint some of the cars, make decals and tyres. I now have a separate site called C&C Designs where I offer my services to the slot community.

I was approached late 2015 to have my collection appear in an advert for Storesafe in the UK. This went ahead early 2016, you can read all about it here Link or view the video on YouTube direct below.

I have created this website not only for people to look at pictures of the stunning cars but also for a reference point for myself. I will be slowly completing all the information regarding the cars I have and hopefully, one day a permanent track.

I will split the car listings into three groups and then by manufacturer and by car type. Clicking on the links above will take you to these groups.

I hope you find the site interesting and have a good time looking round it.



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