Slot Car Art

Slot Car Art

Over the years I have seen some amazing photographs of slot car, be it a straight white background or clever manipulation putting the car in a life scale background or going round a scenic track.

I have spoken to some of the photographers, I think of as artists and obtained permission to host them here for anyone to download as backgrounds, screen savers or to print. Please note that there are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial or financial gain.

I have split the photographs into the artist and then category of car and the cars themselves.

This work is time consuming so photographs will appear slowly over time. If you have any comments or want to contact the artist then please send me an email and I will forward this on.

If you would like to share your photographs please let me know and enjoy the artwork.


Colin Hughes – 7 photographs – Last updated 30/11/15
Doug Johnson
 – 65 photographs, Last updated 30/11/15
Mark Iveson – 3 photographs, Last updated 13/11/15
Peter McKercher – 10 photographs – Last updated 23/11/15