(S) Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype

Racer Sideways – Daytona Prototype Cars

Daytona Prototype cars race at USA circuits as part of the Grand American Road Racing Association’s Rolex Sports Car Series. These cars are highly regulated with many cars simply having different manufacturers engines in. I personally love the look of these cars and hope that Racer will release more current versions.



(S) Racer Sideways Group 5

Racer Sideways – Group 5 Cars

Group 5 was popular during the 70’s and 80’s where road cars were turned into fast, noisy race cars. Typical cars being raced were the Ford Capri, Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick, Ferrari 512BB and the Ford Mustang along with many other famous cars of the era.

BMW 320:


Ford Capri:

Ford Mustang:

Ferrari 512BB:

Lancia Beta:

Lancia Stratos:

Porsche 935:

(S) Carrera Group 2

Carrera Group 2 Cars

Group 2 cars included the likes of the Ford Capri, these cars also raced in series such as DRM and IMSA.

Ford Capri:

Custom Reliveries

Here are some of my custom re-liveries.

Shelf Queens:

Track Cars: